If it isn't immediately obvious, I'm a beginner when it comes to coding. ^_^;; So I decided to start self-studying in January, and I've been really happy with the lessons on freecodecamp.org.

I just finished the first certification project for the Responsive Web Design Certification, which was all about building a form. So, I decided to make a survey about my OC's lol.
IF you have any interest in checking it out, I would love to get some responses! You can find my survey HERE!

What else...I still have a lot more studying to do, but besides that I've just been working on music and art a lot. My band Cult Objects is getting ready to record an album this month! I'm SO excited. I'm so proud of our songs and I am looking forward to going out of town to work on the record. I also started a new side project with two friends recently, and we started working on what'll probably be an EP. So that's all good, I love making music so much!! And and and, I talked to my friend about possibly doing a DJ night at her job. I wanna mostly do 60's garage rock, british invasion, motown, "girlgroups", stuff like that.

I hope you're all having a great start to this month! Personally, I just can't wait until winter is over, but I know we have a ways to go. Come on, spring!!