moonpr1sm's animal crossing shrine

Here you can find screenshots, art, and stories from my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo, released in March 2020.
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An illustration of a girl running away from a swarm of bees over a patch of grass. She has dark brown hair in pigtails, and is wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses, a leather motorcycle jacket, a pink skirt, fishnet stockings and black combat boots. She is smiling, despite the bee situation.
My ACNH character running away from bees, a usual part of her daily routine.


3/7/2024 - I made this tribute page for my studies at, but I decided to actually use it and maintain it! I've been a big Animal Crossing fan since Wild World on the DS, but I've recently gotten back into New Horizons. I'm going to make a page for all of my villagers eventually, but right now only Ione's is up. Stay tuned for the rest!

current villagers

  • Ione ✰ a dreamy squirrel who loves astrology and astronomy equally
  • Cherry ✰ a punk dog who wants to start a band on the island
  • Apple ✰ a hyper hamster who dreams of becoming the island's biggest influencer
  • Shino ✰ a yokai deer who IS the island's biggest influencer
  • Bob ✰ a chill cat who loves to garden
  • Marshal ✰ a fashionable squirrel who baristas by day and DJ's a radio show by night
  • Ankha ✰ an elegant cat who moved to the island to escape Internet notoriety
  • Lobo ✰ an outdoorsy wolf who maintains the island's campsite and forest trails
  • Fauna ✰ a quiet deer who works part-time at the museum
  • Sasha ✰ a cute bunny who just moved to the island to start fresh

fun stuff because there ain't much here yet:

nookipedia - a wiki that has tons of info about all things animal crossing

jvgs - another great source for guides and info, i also love the dream suite, which details visits to various dream towns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Be sure to check these out before Nintendo shuts down online services for the 3DS this April ;(

hourly animal crossing music - plays the appropriate hourly song based on your current time zone

mablerok tumblr - no longer updated but I used to love seeing this person's animal crossing comics and illustrations back in the New Leaf days

niugame tumblr - another tumblr with some animal crossing illustrations I enjoyed very much - super cute art style!