moonpr1sm's plushies

a small image of a black planet with a ring around it.

My collection of inanimate friends! Click on them to learn more about each one!

Binky, a stuffed polar bear. He looks worn, but happy still. Darlene, a stuffed deer with spots and large expressive eyes. Dinkle, a stuffed animal that looks like a small pink round cat with a raccoon tail, black pants and yellow shoes. He has a mischevious smile! A stuffed version of a Pokemon named Ditto disguising themself as another Pokemon called Leafeon. It resembles a dog crossed with a rabbit, and has leafy elements for its tail and ears. It has the signature goofy smile that gives away the true identity of Ditto. Lucia, a pink Squishmallow racoon. She resembles a marshmallow with her rounded body! My Melody, a little rabbit with a pink hat and a yellow bow
The Pink Peepster, a small pink bird that resembles a baby chicken Shaymin, a Pokemon plushie who looks like a little green and white hedgehog, this plushie has them in their Sky Form, which gives them more of a canine appearance. Sleeby Pikachu Twins, two plush toys of Pikachu, a yellow electric-type Pokémon, side by side in sleeping poses Soft Heart, it's a plush pink heart with a blue ribbon A plush toy of a yellow banana slug with a smiling face Espresso Bean, a black and brown Furby toy with large blinking eyes and a beak
Strawberry, a gray and pink Furby Toy with spots Pickle Spice, a patchy gray Furby toy with large blinking eyes and a beak wearing two diamond earrings in one ear