Info about my current gameplay, it says I'm in Year 3 Spring and have recently unlocked the movie theater, found an owl statue and changed up my character. What my farm looks like for Year 3 Spring.

I changed those stepping stones but I still don't love how I laid out the farm - Forest Farm is kinda tough to design?? That or it's just me, lol.

My character at the Desert Festival with Sandy and Emily

I find myself a little bored in Year 3, so I downloaded some more mods! Mostly appearance-related stuff, like I decided to change my farmer from a self-insert to an OC, Bunny, and changed my dog to a different breed. I might try looking for some extra gameplay stuff like Stardew Valley Expanded or Ridgeside Village soon.


Info about my current gameplay, it says I'm in Year 2 Winter and have recently married Sebastian, unlocked Ginger Island and am working on the missing bundle. What my farm looks like recently

I've gotten back into playing Stardew Valley ever since the 1.6 update came out, so I thought it would be fun to make a dedicated space for my gameplay! Not much going on yet. I might change those stepping stone paths to something else soon, but I haven't really tried to plan a layout. I'm pleased with some of the aesthetic mods I chose - I LOVE those decorative trees, some of them are lamps too! I like lighting up areas, I actually get a tiny bit creeped out when I'm walking home in the dark. IRL and in game!

Marrying Sebastian

I decided to go for Sebastian in this playthrough - I always gravitate to him or Haley the most! I like that he says things like "I couldn't sleep last night so I went for a night ride on the motorcycle. I need to stay independent, even though we're married. That's just how I am. I still love you, though." - I very much vibe with someone who isn't clingy and does their own thing. Also, I know everyone calls him emo, but I like to imagine he's more of a goth. Someday, I might get into modding to tweak his appearance to suit my vision more.